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Courses and school work often require lots of printing whether this is for charts, dissertations, photos, tables, artwork and more. This can become expensive very quickly, especially if you have to pay the standard rate. Luckily here at Netprinter, we offer discounted pricing on a range of printing for students. All you have to do is enter your ULN (Unique Learner Number) in the registration ref field when opening an account to qualify for a Netprinter Student Account and automatically receive discounts. 

The Benefits

1.Fast printing - unlike universities and schools, we give you priority so you don’t have to wait.
2.High quality - quality of printing in educational organisations is often low. We offer high quality prints every time.
3.Collection available - Are you local? Pop in and collect in person.
4.Fast delivery - Helping you to reach your deadlines
5.Excellent price - a reduced pricing structure for students on our poster printing

Some example savings

A0 180gsm Single Sided

Usually £17.00 - Student Price £13.60 ex VAT

A3 180gsm Single Sided 

Usually £3.00  - Student price £2.40 ex VAT


What is a ULN (Unique Learner Number) and how do I find it?

A Unique Learner Number is a 10 digit number that most learners 14+ are supplied with. 

You can find your ULN (10 digit code) published on certificates or result slips. Otherwise, contact your current or most recent learning provider.

For more information about your ULN, visit the website here.

This service is only available for current students, so please set up your official online account with us with your ULN (Unique Learner Number).


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